Segmentation is ‘In’ Again!

November 27, 2020

No one would profess to know exactly how the world economy will look once the Coronavirus pandemic has run its course. But there are already clear indicators of what it takes for tech companies to succeed in the current downturn. Alongside a strong focus on customer business processes broken by Covid and a focus on expanding customer commitments (and wallet share) rather than chasing new logos, segmentation is a key focus for CEOs and management teams that want to achieve growth in spite of the Covid crisis.


If You’re Not Fixing Someone’s Leaky Pipe, What Are You in Business for?

August 3, 2020

It’s no news that the C19 pandemic has caused a sharp once-in-a-lifetime business downturn. Like consumers, businesses everywhere have abruptly retrenched, reducing their household or operating expenses and postponing new outlays in order to conserve resources. Despite this newly hostile environment, tech companies that plug serious leaks in their customers’ critical business processes can still prosper, while those whose products are seen as non-essential “vitamins” are suffering. So what critical leaks do you solve in your customers’ “leaky pipe”?

Why Now’s the Time to Get Customer Success Right

June 5, 2020

2010-2019 was a key decade of growth for enterprise-focused SaaS businesses, and this continued into 2020. At least, until the Covid-19 crisis hit. Now, instead of favoring the pursuit of new logos while frequently neglecting their existing customers, the time has come to really invest in customer success instead of just pretending to do so.

Zoom – The Latest Product to Become a Verb

March 31, 2020

In recent weeks Zoom has rapidly overtaken competitors to become the videoconferencing app of choice for business, government, and individual users as a result of the confluence between the Covid-19 pandemic and the massive spike in demand for an effective way of staying in touch with loved ones or conducting meetings from enforced social distancing or self-isolation in their homes. What explains Zoom’s success, and what risks must Zoom avoid if it is to solidify its leadership?

The Scaleup Journey: Crossing the Chasm in Style

January 14, 2020

The strategy template for Crossing the Chasm “the right way” urges entrepreneurs and CEOs to pick a head bowling pin (or target market segment) and double-down on their bet in order to achieve dominant segment share within eight to twelve quarters. Easy to say, but very few companies manage to pull this off successfully. This real-life case shows that it can be achieved with spectacular results despite stiff obstacles here and there.


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